Who We Are

Who are we?

We are evolving right now.  This is what we want to be when we grow up.


CAAC is being designed to foster the development of aspiring athlete-centred individuals by providing a well-structured,  results-oriented and holistic support system equality for all.


CAAC,  is a not for profit organization,  that strives to bring balance and opportunity for growth to the individual athlete, sports team member, trainer, mentor, coach and manager without compromising individual interests through the building of a fair and balanced sports support system that is not compromised by the needs of a for-profit business.

Physical and Mental Development

CAAC will be the premier platform for athletes; a place to build individual physical, social development, mental skills and access advanced training tools for personal growth thus allowing “you”  the athlete to become want to be.

Equity and Fairness

CAAC  will advocate for and on behalf of each member to ensure fairness, safety, balance, support personal integrity and excellence.

Anti-Violence And Bias-Free

CAAC will remove the obstacles that create failure linked to bigotry, violence, intimidation, bullying or inaccessibility to quality training and mentoring.  This organization is all about change for the better and cultivating individual integrity without any individual bias.

Advances Systems

CAAC will provide a strong sports-system that looks to set new higher standards that effectively supports open participation, creates fair play and ensures that athletes have a safe and supportive environment allowing them to excel.

A Voice

CAAC members will have a voice in the development of this organization because you are the key to it’s success and the future of the collective.

The Future

This will take time, an open mind, a desire to use advanced technology that will benefit all the members of the organization and a lot of heart.

  • Athletic Success,
  • Personal Growth,
  • Achievable Challenges,
  • Future Opportunities,
  • Educational Opportunities

This is who we are.